Car Rental Terms


ABBA RENT A CAR hereby rents Vehicle (including any replacement vehicle) to Renter subject to all terms and conditions on the front page and this page and Renter in consideration there of agrees to them as the essence of the Agreement.
1. QUALIFICATION: Renter’s or drivers minimum age 23 years old for car groups A, B, C and 25 years old for cars of other groups.
2. DRIVER’S LICENSE: A valid driver license held for at least one year in required.
3. MINIMUM RENTAL: One day. Every hour in excess is calculated at 1/5 of daily rate.
4. TRAFFIC FINES: Tickets and attached administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Greek Traffic Law during rental period are bone solely by the renter.
5. DEPOSIT: Deposits for estimated rental charge (days – kms) are required at the beginning or rental and final adjustments are made on completion of rental. No deposits is required from Credit – Card holders honored by ABBA RENTALS.
6.INSURANCE: Rental rates include the following coverages: a) Death or bodily injury to third party up to 1.300.000,00 €
b) Property damages to third party up to 1.300.000,00 €
c) The renter car against fire and theft.
d) For damages on the renter car the customers is
responsible for Groups A – C up to the 250,00€ and
for the other Groups up to the first 400,00€
7. SUPER FULL COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER: The renter’s responsibility mentioned in paragraph 6 can be waived by paying daily 7,00€ for car groups A, B, C and 10,00€ for the other groups.
8. PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE: For a charge of only ………….. per day, covering the driver and each passenger with the following amounts respectively:
9. TAXES: All rates are subject to V.A.T.
10. GASOLINE: Gasoline consumption is payable by the renter. Refunds are not given.

11. EXTRA EQUIPMENT: Luggage rack or baby seat (upon request): at the extra charge of 3,00 € per day.
12. DELIVERY – COLLECTION: In town and airport, ABBA RENT A
CAR stations, as well as near locations of Mesongi free of charge for the hours between 08:00-22:00. Night deliveries/collection 20,00€ each.
13. AVAILABILITY: Car models are according to original planning Delivery problems however, may compel us to supply another vehicle in exceptional cases.
14. ACROSS THE BORDER RENTALS: Customers wishing to drive the car out of Corfu must have the advance authorization on the renting station of ABBA RENT A CAR.
15. FERRYING THE CAR: Cars cannot be ferried without the advance written authorization of ABBA RENT A CAR.
16. CONDITIONS OF USE: The Renter is expected to look after the vehicle carefully, to check its mechanical condition, oil, water, tires etc. Any repair of the vehicle by Renter himself or any other party designated by Renter is not allowed without Lessor’s prior consent. In particular,
Vehicle must not be used:
a) to carry persons or property for hire;
b) to propel or to tow any vehicle, trailer or other object.
c) in race, test or contest of following a Rally.
d) for subleasing by Renter to any third party;
e) while renter or any other authorized driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory drugs, barbiturates, or any other sub- stance impairing his consciousness or ability to react.
f) in contravention of any customs, traffic or other regulations.
g) by any person than Renter unless such person has been previously designated and authorized by ABBA RENT A CAR in the space pro- vided on the front page of this agreement.
h) to transfer or carry heavy luggage or objects, inflammable materials, staining or badly smelling goods, narcotics etc;
17. ACCIDENTS: In case of an accident or any other incident (fire, theft etc.), Renter is responsible within 24 hours to follow the insurance procedures as set out below:
a) Call the Police.
b) Obtain names and addresses of eye witnesses.
c) Do not acknowledge third party claims.
d) Contact ABBA RENT A CAR immediately by phone or other means.
e) Obtain all relevant information from the third party or parties.
f) Complete and sign an accident report.
g) Send any other document or information relative to the accident
18. JURISDICTION: Any and all disputes which may arise between Lesson and Renter will be settled before the competent courts of Corfu
in Greece. In case of difference between the contracted parties, the Greek courts only will have jurisdiction.
Free cancellation for up to:
– 3 days before the period 16th of September to 15th of June
– 7 days before the period 16th June to 10th July and 26th August to 15th of September
– 14 days before the period 11th July to 25th August.
The refund in case of free cancellation does not include the bank’s commission fee.
To modify your reservation please contact us at [email protected] 


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